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Minnesota Media Arts
Project Services 

Minnesota Media Arts is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization. Services: Archive Producers, Metadata planning, Media Conversion Lab, Cataloging, Collections Care, Moving Image archiving and digitization.

Contact: Ron McCoy (Media Archive Producer) and Mark Stanley (Moving Image Archivist)
Mark Stanley: mobile 612-801-7355 -
Ron McCoy: mobile  612-627-9253  -

Location: 77 13th Avenue NE Suite 112,  Minneapolis, MN 55413

Business Phone: 612-361-7476 (messages)

Year Established: 1984

Specialties: Digitizing, Film & Video, Museum Consultants, Photography & Music Documentation, Online Publication Training/Experience: MNMA resources include Producer/Directors with over 45 years of media production and program editorial services. Board Members include Twin Cities video pioneers, James Malec, Mark Stanley and Ron McCoy.  We specialize in archival projects for nonprofit organizations, artists and independent media producers.  We strongly encourage a robust Metadata step. Formats include 3/4" U-matic, Betacam-SP & MiniDV Videocassettes, Hi8, S-VHS, Open Reel 1/2 “ EIAJ and 1” Type C, videotape. We prefer to discuss project outcomes and metadata standards vs just providing transfer services.

MN Media Arts is a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization fostering the production, preservation, and access to works of media arts, documentaries, and independent programming. We are continuing the legacy of our parent Twin Cities Cable Arts Consortium founded in 1984 to promote the production and distribution of local media arts programming. MNMA also provides expertise in the digital media archive process, producer services, project management, director services, workflow design, project analysis, metadata review and analysis, digital media conversion and digital asset management.


Twin Cities Cable Arts, years covered:1984-89 - Project ongoing: 2015-2021

Melisande Charles Archive, years covered:1975-2015. - Project ongoing:  2016-2021

UCV Intermedia Arts “Changing Channels”, years covered:1974-1978  - Project ongoing: 2018-2021

Eagan Community Television Collection Care Management - Project dates 2019-2020


MN Media Arts
Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Phone: +1 (612) 361-7476